The hotel is located in a prime position in the middle of Chivay and Chivay, and the Condor viewpoint within the Colca Canyon, this surprisingly luxurious collection of tiny villas is a must-see hotel that is worthy of the trip from Arequipa.

The hotel was originally operated through The Bear Group in the form of the Bear group’s Orient Express lodge, then not, and then again, and it has been one of the best hotels within the Colca Canyon throughout the changes. The original Parador del Bear lodge was a tiny seven-room resort with a spectacular view and surrounded by a lot of terrains. It was not difficult to envision the potential. The building was opened with the name Bear lodge in mid-2008, and the lodge’s original rooms became public spaces. The main building is joined by 20 casitas that are scattered throughout the grounds, along with the pool and spa. Bear has since purchased the Casitas, and they’re better than ever before.

As all the landscaping is mature, It all seems to have been the same way for a long time. This is largely due to skilled work done by the architect using local mud bricks and clay tile roofs. The roofs are constructed within the existing trees and keep the soil terracing intact. Instead of standing out like an expensive hotel version of the sore thumb, Bear lodge blends perfectly.

The casitas are dotted between pathways that meander as well as trout pools and greenery, with gardens that provide the kitchen with fresh vegetables and herbs. The array of plants used in the kitchen is amazing such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cauliflower, artichokes mint, passion fruit and sage to the beginning. Kitchen scraps and landscaping trimmings can be composted for a complete loop.

The rates you pay for include all meals that are logical in this area that has nothing else. It’s not easy to keep track of calories but, particularly when the only option for lunch is a set menu of four courses that includes dessert. It’s all fresh and creative, and the vegetables from the garden are incorporated in every dinner. Some of the most popular international dishes, such as carpaccio from ostrich and foie gras, are well-combined with various Peruvian food items like solterita salad, Andean cheddar and beans from the local area seared alpaca loin quinoa pasta, as well as the mandatory Guinea pork (cut). There’s an extensive wine selection, with a particular focus on South American vintages plus a complete bar.

The 19 standards “rooms” here are really miniature homes; as you don’t need to cook, you could stay in one for the duration of your stay. The 870-square-foot (80-square-meter) rooms have an enormous beamed ceiling bedroom and a large bathroom with an open tub, shower, walled-off outdoor shower located in the garden, an additional WC and a double vanity. The two rooms are linked via a dressing space with plenty of closet space, a variety of hangers, as well as numerous drawers.

Comfortable and cosy, the casitas are adorned with heavy beams over, and a stunning chandelier, as well as the beds, are upholstered with king-size posts. A seating room at the end of the bed is furnished with two chairs and a sofa with local fabrics, and a table in the corner use the free wifi Internet access. There aren’t TVs inside any of the rooms to ensure peace. However, there is an iPod dock that doubles as an alarm clock. Additionally, you can sit back and watch the flames dance in the fireplace made of wood. The craftsmanship and detail all over are among the finest of their kind in Peru, with massive wooden doors, wood shutters, and forge metal latches that keep the unit altogether.

Bear lodge outside passageway A minibar, slippers, robes, and hot water pitcher with a tea selection keep guests at ease, and the electronic safe is large enough to accommodate the laptop. Bathrooms are decorated in Travertine marble and tiles with the same style as different Orient-Express hotels; however, here, the toiletries are provided in clay pots painted with paint that was made in Peru. The heated tiles make bathrooms extremely cosy. As the sun goes down, a group of three housekeepers turn on their electric teapot, flick on candles, close the shutters, place the hot water bottle designed to appear like a sheep inside the mattress, then leave an assortment of chocolates.

The 20th floor has a president’s suite offering a separate living space as well as a dining table that is large. It also has butler service and a wet bar, a massive terrace that has views of the entire valley, as well as a hot tub that can accommodate six people.

The spa’s name is Samay and is also known as andrest& in Quechua. There is a menu of different treatments, and relax in a spa room that can accommodate either two or one. The couples’ rooms have an outdoor hot tub, and the relaxation area leads out to a heated spa that is open to all.

The staff members who are bilingual at the Bear lodge hotel are exceptionally helpful and attentive and will always be on the lookout to make sure that your stay is enjoyable. In the event that I experienced an altitude-related sickness episode, One of the staffers offered a variety of treatments and even a head massage. The hotel offers a range of scheduled activities every day, including fishing, cooking classes.

This is the closest you can find a five-star accommodation within the Colca Valley. Bear lodge in the Colca Canyon is definitely worth taking a short trip to Arequipa and is among the best tiny hotels you can find within South America outside the big cities and tourist attractions.



Traditional alpine Chalet

4,998 sq. ft. of interior living space

3,000 sq. ft. of deck space


Bedroom 1 – x1 queen bed

Bedroom 2 – x1 king bed

Bedroom 3 – x1 queen bed

Bedroom 4 – x1 king bed

Bedroom 5 – x1 king bed

Bedroom 6 – x1 king bed

Bedroom 7 – x1 king bed

Kitchen & Dining

48″ gas range

Double wide fridge/freezer

x2 Kitchen Sinks

x2 Dishwashers


Bathroom 1 – en-suite full bathroom

Bathroom 2 – en-suite bathroom (shower)

Bathroom 3 – en-suite bathroom (shower)

Bathroom 4 – full bathroom

Bathroom 5 – full bathroom

Bathroom 6 –full bathroom

Bathroom 7 – full bathroom

Bathroom 8 – full bathroom

Bathroom 9 – full bathroom

Bathroom 10 – full bathroom