Does Choji Die? (A Must Read If You’re an Anime Lover)

If you’re an anime lover you probably know how dark it feels when your favorite character in anime dies, read more to find out if choji dies

Does Choji Die
Does Choji Die


Death is always a painful truth that people don’t want to accept, still, everyone is bound to die one day. Sometimes few people manage to escape that truth in a moment. One of those is choji from Naruto anime.

Who is choji?

Choji who comes from the Akimichi clan is slated to become the sixteenth head of the Akimichi clan and he is known for his calorie control which means he can expand himself by using up calories to protect himself in a fight it is also called butterfly mode which is also called the heightened transformation of the Akimichi clan. Being a part of the infamous ino-shiko-Cho trio, Choji is the strongest among the three.

Does choji die?

Choji had a few near-death experiences in the anime but he does not die. Some of the intense near-death experiencing battles choji Akimichi has gone through are:

Jirobo in his cursed seal level 2 form, where he ate his clan “THREE COLOURED PILLS” when eaten turns the fat into chakra and in Jirobo’s case branded with a powerful cursed seal from Orochimaru, which increases his physical strength like a seal as moving to a level 2 cursed seal that would change his appearance and gives him immense strength for the power scaling.

But then, Jirobo was killed by Choji with the help of his clan Akimichi special “THREE COLOURED PILLS” which buffed his strength and killed Jirobo.

And another battle where he tackled near-death experience is his battle with Hidan and Kakuzi where he struggles in his fight with Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzi and has been choked until Shikamaru’s quick thought makes Choji escape that situation.

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No, Choji Akimichi didn’t die in the Naruto anime. We can see him as the best person who would go fight with his bully for his best friend.

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