There are people who believe that the comfort of a hotel is not worth it. Thankfully, the eco-friendly hotel Eagle Lodge is not among the majority of them. At Eagle Lodge, guests who are conscious of their pleasures can enjoy green luxury in one of the most remote areas of Peru.

The forest is not always friendly. In Peru, for instance, in the region in the region where lush Amazon Basin comprises more than fifty per cent of the nation, only one per cent considers the area the home of their family. Living in the thick forest, impenetrable jungle — let even a luxurious eco-friendly lodge isn’t an easy task. It’s not easy. There’s termites, mud, valuable habitats and ecosystems and deadly creatures, insects and plants to deal with. This is the appeal of it all—the Pachamama (Mother Earth) in sultry green Technicolor.

That’s why an experience at the exotic Eagle Lodge located at the heart of a huge 42,000-acre private reserve for ecological protection in one of the most remote areas in Peru and just as stunning. Because, while discovering as well as learning more about the amazing nature of the Amazon as well as sleeping and eating in luxurious surroundings while also offering eco-friendly jobs to locals, assisting in funding ecological and ethnological research, and assisting in important conservation initiatives. Bravo. Bravo to Pachamama.

The journey begins in the southeastern region of Peru within the jungle-outpost town that is located at Puerto Maldonado via a short flight from Lima or Cusco. After a private airport welcome and a short stop at the Eagle Lodge registration lounge and Butterfly House, a scenic 45-minute boat ride along the fast-moving Madre de Dios River past paddling peki-pekis (traditional canoes modified with motorbike engines) and flowering kapok trees and small farms take the visitor to this tranquil forest getaway.

When you arrive at the lodge’s riverbank staircase, a quick path leads to Eagle lodge Hutlodge’s huge thatched-roof two-story reception and dining area, in which you’ll be welcomed with an icy towel and refreshing tropical juice. You are then taken to your cabana. The lodge’s porters have already handed over your luggage.

It’s the jungle, but at Eagle lodge, you don’t need to sacrifice your creature amenities. There are four options for cabanas: Superior, Superior Rio (riverside), Suite Eagle (647 sq feet) and the most extravagant, Suite Tambopata (840 sq feet) with a private plunge pool. Whatever type of accommodation you select, every one of the thirty-five large thatched-roof cabanas that have high ceilings, handcrafted furnishings and luxurious linens is outfitted with everything you’d need for an eco-luxury vacation. King-sized beds with large mosquito nets. The fluffy robes and slippers. A luxurious towel and organic bathroom products. Also, decks are screened with comfortable hammocks and lounge chairs. They’re also fitted with useful additional features like umbrellas, flashlights and ceiling fans—kerosene lanterns. The only thing you won’t find is the air conditioning.

If you choose to stay at the Canopy Tree House (90 feet above the lush forest floor) will be treated to an intimate dinner with sunset cocktails and a memorable night of treetop luxury, completely away from the remainder of the lodge.

Connecting the cabanas to the eco-centre, spa, and the main lodge are meandering trails made of boardwalks that are covered and raised that are ideal for keeping feet high and dry. The cabanas that are freestanding are close to each other, yet beautiful gardens with flowering plants and bird-friendly trees create a natural screening and a sense of peace.

In 2012 Tourism for Tomorrow Award for Conservation, as well as the 2012 Green Choice Sustainable Tourism Award and 100 per cent carbon-neutral, Eagle Lodge is as dedicated to conservation and sustainability as it is to guests’ ease. Utilizing sustainable, simple solutions such as lighting pathways with kerosene lamps and responsible recycling practices toiletries that are biodegradable, without preservatives, as well as complimentary canteens to provide guests’ drinking water–Eagle lodge leaves the environment as minimal as it is possible. This means that there is no energy usage when it’s actually required: a generator is in operation between 4 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

Natural world exploration is the primary activity at Eagle lodge. There are free (or exclusive) excursions for all ages and interests. Visitors can observe the secluded life of the world’s biggest rodent and the Capybara and look for the elusive caimans and massive Tarantulas with a flashlight on night cruises or night walks. Join forces with explorer guides to explore the trails of the reserve and discover medicinal species, animal behaviour, and life in the jungle. Take a hike high above the forest by climbing the Eagle Lodge Canopy Walkway (a collection of towers on top of trees as well as bridges and platforms) to see macaws, monkeys, toucans and sloths. Also, you can fish for piranha. Go on a tour of a forest farm, as well as go to The Eagle Lodge Butterfly House. There are also treasure hunts in the jungle hunts and fun-filled kid’s exploration packs for families who are planning their Amazon excursions with children.

Foodies will love the exquisitely created and imaginatively cooked dishes made with local, fresh ingredients. Eagle lodge Spa and the tranquil water’s edges ENA Spa offers an appealing menu of refreshing treatments with exuberant Amazonian herbal extracts that is sure to please lodge lizards as well as exhausted forest adventurers. The most notable luxury is the lodge’s luscious rainforest soundscape: the sound that birds sing, the soft palm fronds’ rustle and the chirps of insect chirps and tree Frogs.

Digital nomads need to be aware of the fact that Eagle lodge is a total break-free vacation. There isn’t a cellular or Wi-Fi signal at the lodge, as well as limited Internet access is accessible upon the request of guests. It is also the area where it rains a lot–and humidity causes electronics to become faulty. Make sure your electronics are protected by using Ziplocs, dry sacks or a water-proof daypack and add an absorbent silica gel pack or two.

The main point is: Eagle Lodge is an amazing, thrilling and unforgettable Amazon experience.



Traditional alpine Chalet

4,998 sq. ft. of interior living space

3,000 sq. ft. of deck space


Bedroom 1 – x1 queen bed

Bedroom 2 – x1 king bed

Bedroom 3 – x1 queen bed

Bedroom 4 – x1 king bed

Bedroom 5 – x1 king bed

Bedroom 6 – x1 king bed

Bedroom 7 – x1 king bed

Kitchen & Dining

48″ gas range

Double wide fridge/freezer

x2 Kitchen Sinks

x2 Dishwashers


Bathroom 1 – en-suite full bathroom

Bathroom 2 – en-suite bathroom (shower)

Bathroom 3 – en-suite bathroom (shower)

Bathroom 4 – full bathroom

Bathroom 5 – full bathroom

Bathroom 6 –full bathroom

Bathroom 7 – full bathroom

Bathroom 8 – full bathroom

Bathroom 9 – full bathroom

Bathroom 10 – full bathroom