How to Burn a DVD Using Nero 7

Are you looking to learn How to Burn a DVD? Then this tutorial is made for you, Read this article to learn How to Burn a DVD Using Nero 7

How to Burn a DVD Using Nero 7
How to Burn a DVD Using Nero 7

Burn a DVD Using Nero 7

Nero 7 Essentials is an earlier version of the famous Nero video-burning video that is currently being updated to its ninth version. Nero 7 Essentials is fairly simple to use and permits the simple burning of DVDs. In order to create a DVD using the program, you have to ensure that you have the movie or video on your computer and prepared to burn to an empty DVD-ROM or DVD-RW disk. Do checkout: baixar nero 7 gratis para pc

Step 1

Insert a blank DVD disc into your DVD drive.

Step 2

Launch Your Nero 7 Essentials software program.

Step 3

Click”Photo” and then click on the “Photo as well as Video” icon that is located near the bottom of the screen. (The icon looks like a film strip that is slightly elevated over an image.)

Step 4

Select “Make Your own DVD” in the drop-down menu.

Step 5

Choose “Add Video Files” under the menu “What Do You Really Want To Do?”

Step 6

Browse through the list and select the video you want to burn. Then, click “OK.” The video will appear within the Main Project window.

Step 7

Choose what type of menu you would like to see on your DVD within this same screen. You can select “Title and chapters menu,” Title menu alone,” and “Do not create any menu.” Then press “Next” and “Next” again.

Step 8

Set the destination for the film to be burned by choosing “Burn to” …” and then your DVD drive under the “Set the parameters for burning the DVD” menu.

Step 9

Click on the “Burn” button in order to finish burning.

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